Tree Trimming

Creel’s Tree Service offers tree trimming to remove overgrown branches to ensure every area of the tree gets enough moisture and light. We also trim trees to perfect a shape for very precise landscaping plans. Trimming trees near homes can ensure overgrowth does not interfere with the roof or windows.

Tree Pruning

Our team prunes trees to remove dead, loose, or infected branches and leaves, so the rest of the tree can flourish and grow new, healthy branches. This process is also done to achieve a desired shape for the tree. We will clean up and remove all branches that were pruned from the tree.

Tree Planting

Creel’s Tree Service plants new trees in yards, parks, golf courses, grassy areas along city sidewalks and roads, parking lots, and more. We plant many types of trees including maple, oak, cherry, weeping willow, ash, chestnut, cypress, evergreen, and palm trees. Our arborists will choose the best type of tree for the environment and desired lighting and landscaping effect or we will customize the tree type to your specifications. We begin by marking off the area to be planted, determining the number of trees for larger areas, and digging the hole. We then bring in baby trees and plant them, offering care directions if needed. We sometimes plant from seeds if the situation is suitable for it.

Tree Removal

We also offer tree removal services for diseased trees, overgrown trees, or trees that need to be removed for new architectural projects. If you have a tree that is more of a nuisance than a beauty in your yard, we will get it out of your way. We are experts at falling a tree away from homes and other structures, removing large trees in multiple pieces to avoid a large mess and get the job done quicker.

Stump Grinding

Creel’s Tree Service offers stump grinding services to efficiency remove any tree stump that is in the way and has become a nuisance. Using a stump grinder, a rotating disk cuts the wood into chips. This gradual removal process shrinks the stump into chips and sawdust without a lot of flying debris and only needs a small work space. Stump grinding can reduce the chance of other trees becoming infected with tree decay fungi.

Treat, Protect, and Maintain

We also treat diseased or malnourished trees to attempt to restore them to a healthy state. We protect trees by injecting medication when a disease is caught early and we advocate keeping trees unless removal is necessary. We also do basic maintenance of trees including watering, light branch trimming, and other maintenance specific to the type of tree and location. We also maintain shrubs.

Deep Root Fertilization and Mulching

Our arborists know the importance of proper deep root fertilization and mulching and will ensure your trees benefit from these processes. We apply fertilizer beneath the surface of the lawn using a soil needle and a hose to inject fertilizer with high pressure. We add mulch especially to new trees. Much insulates the soil to keep out hot and cold temperatures, retains water for root moisture, keeps weeds out, prevents compaction, and reduces mower damage.

24-Hour Emergency Service

If you have a tree emergency (such as a tree has fallen on your roof or car during a storm), we can come out any time of day and remove the tree and debris, replacing it as soon as possible. If you have a tree problem that just can’t wait, give Creel’s Tree Service a call.

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