Creel's Tree Service

Creel’s Tree Service has been working with customers in Baton Rouge for over 25 years. Our number one goal is always customer satisfaction and going the extra mile to make customers happy. We offer several tree services, including trimming, grinding, fertilization, and tree removal. Owner Benjamin Creel is available directly by phone or email.

We assisted with extensive cleanup after hurricane Isaac in 2012 and can help you recover your yard after any type of storm damage. If you need to remove a large tree that has become a nuisance in your yard, you can count on Creel’s Tree Service. We also plant new trees in residential and business areas. If you always wanted a specific type of tree in your yard, we will find you a healthy tree and get it planted so you can watch it grow. Our team does everything that deals with a tree, so give us a call.

Tree Trimming & Removal

Tree Trimming Creel’s Tree Service offers tree trimming to remove overgrown branches to ensure every area of the tree gets enough moisture and light. We also trim trees to perfect a shape for very precise landscaping plans. Trimming trees near homes can ensure overgrowth does not interfere with the roof or windows. Learn More

Tree Planting

Tree Planting Creel’s Tree Service plants new trees in yards, parks, golf courses, grassy areas along city sidewalks and roads, parking lots, and more. We plant many types of trees including maple, oak, cherry, weeping willow, ash, chestnut, cypress, evergreen, and palm trees. Learn More

Tree Maintenance

Cherry Picker We also treat diseased or malnourished trees to attempt to restore them to a healthy state. We protect trees by injecting medication when a disease is caught early and we advocate keeping trees unless removal is necessary. Learn More

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